Saturday, July 23, 2016

My Avatar Identity 2

a) This avatar again shows a variety of different aspects of my identity through colours and items. I have dressed my avatar in the Italian colours (red, white and green) as a way to express and portray my Italian heritage and represent how close I am with my Italian heritage and how I am proud to embrace it. The Italian colours are also a representation of my strong value of family (family orientated), and of how close I am with my family. I've added bright rainbow coloured sleeves to my avatar as a way to express my bright and happy personality. I've added a chefs hat to my avatar to present my passion for cooking and to represent my creatitiy. I've added an ice-cream in her hand to show my love for sweets and express my sweet-nature. My avatar is also holding a book to represent my love for reading and my talent for writing. I've added a smile and open eye features to my avatar as a way to express my friendly and kind demeanour, and my openness and care for others. The beach background is a way to represent my calm personality and my love for life's simple things as well as my open-minded personality and the opportunities I have in life to travel to different places. 

b) The Lego avatar program was quite useful and presented some distinct strengths and weaknesses while I was using it. A strength of using the lego avatar program was that it offered a great variety of different items to customise my avatars. There were many different coloured tops and pants for me to dress my avatar in, and I was able to even determine things such as skin tone and hair colour. However in saying this, a weakness that this software presented was that it was limited in the types of items it offered. So while it provided me with lots of tops to use, each top was exactly the same as the other, except for it's colour or design and was the same with pants and shoes. This did create limitations for changes and made it a but difficult to personalise the avatar to myself. Another strength of this software was that it was easy to use/operate. It was easy to navigate through the different tabs and find the different features it offered to make the appropriate changes to my avatar without getting confused or not knowing where I had to go to change something. It was an easy software to use. However, another weakness of this software, was it's inability to save my avatar. I wasn't able to save my avatar and so when I had to screen shot it, and so I am unable to work on another avatar on this software and save the avatar I have already created.

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