Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Avatar Identity 3

3) Avachara: http://avachara.com/avatar/fashion.php

a) While designing this avatar I tried to convey my identity through my physical objects. I’ve placed a daisy-chain headband on my avatar, focusing on the flowers as a way to express my sweet and nurturing personality as an older cousin to 6 younger cousins, and just as flowers are nourished and cared for, I look after and care for my cousins and family so my avatar’s headband reflects my kind and caring qualities. I’ve added a camera to my avatar as a way to express my interest in photography, and as a way to show how I love to capture special memories to keep forever. The camera is also a reflection of my inquisitiveness and challenging thinking methods as I’m a person who likes to think outside of the box and view the world in new and different ways and opinions. The camera is a way to express my sentimental attachment to creating memories in my life, and a way of expressing my curious aspect of my personality. I chose to include the music themed background as a way to express my creativity and inspiring personality as I believe that as part of my identity, I try to create new things whilst inspiring others, as I believe music does/represent too. I’ve dressed my avatar in black clothes for two reasons. The first is that I commonly wear black and it’s something I’m comfortable in so the clothes my avatar wears is a way of presenting my concept of what I believe to be comfortable and express a realistic aspect of my identity. I’ve chosen black for the colour of my clothes also to express my calm and shy nature at times, and how sometimes I like to hide and just blend in with others. (just as the black clothes of my avatar blend in with the black background) The black expresses my shy and quiet part of my personality and identity as I tend to be quiet and take a step back when I’m in a new or unfamiliar situation.

b) The avachara was a new software which I cam across and I was new to using it while creating my avatar. I was quite pleased overall with this software and it had several strengths that were clearly evident whilst I was using it. The avachara software provided an extensive range of different items that I could use to add and change my avatar to my preference, and there was no need to sign up and yet there were very little limitations against what I could add to my avatar as everything that this software offered was freely available to me. Another strength was that the software was very reliable and during the whole period I was creating my avatar I had no technical issues or loss of work, and my avatar was saved at the end when I completed it. Also the software was very easy to operate and use, as it was add items or remove them throughout the whole avatar creation process, and the software was well organised so it was easy to navigate around it and find different features and specific items easily. However, there were some issues I came across with while I was using this software, and a weakness I uncovered was it’s inability to make more specific and focused adjustments. By this I mean I wasn’t able to make changes to any of the facial features or positioning of items and I was very limited in my colour selection for clothes which at times made it difficult for me to personalise my avatar to how I wanted. At times while I was using this software, ads did pop up whilst I was creating my avatar and it was very annoying as it would interfere with my designing my avatar and I had to keep clicking the ad to turn it off each time it came up in front of the selection items for my avatar. Although I was able to save my avatar, the option was only available to me after I had completely completed my avatar, so while I was making changes and adding items to my avatar, none of my changes were being saved so I did lose my work once when I left the site and had to start again because my avatar would only be saved once it was completely finished. This downfall means that it is easy to lose your avatar while creating it, as it can only be saved at the end so you need to start all over again if your work is lost.

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