Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Avatar Identity 4

4) Face your Manga:

a) This avatar reflects a very different side to my identity than my previous avatars have shown. I’ve expressed more of my fun and relaxed side of my personality and identity through this avatar in contrast to my previous creations. I’ve added very large facial expressions to this avatar (the eyes and big smile/grin) to  express my goofy and carefree side of my personality and identity even though it’s expressed in more personal situations like at home with family or with my friends. Instead of always just expressing the serious demeanor aspect of my identity, I’ve created this avatar’s facial expressions in a way of representing my carefree and silly part of my identity to reflect how I do I like to have fun and enjoy myself, but also that I am a genuine and kind person as smiles are a way to express kindness and sincerity. The blush I’ve added to my avatar again is a way of conveying and expressing my shy and embarrassed aspect of my identity. I don’t like to make mistakes so that I can avoid embarrassing myself in front of others, but embarrassments is inevitable because I’m only human and I’ll only make mistakes, and I’ve added the blush makes to represent my shy and at times insecure elements of my identity. The stress mark on my avatar’s forehead expresses my paranoid and anxious traits as part of my identity. The mark represents how I tend to get stressed and feel under pressure and so I feel the need to make sure everything is perfect and that I put my all inter everything I do, but it also reflects how I tend to get worried and anxious at times especially when I’m doing something I’m not comfortable with or facing a fear. I’ve purposely added a pencil design to my avatar’s shirt as a way of expressing my passion for writing. Writing is a strong part of my identity because I communicate and coney my thoughts and emotions through my words and writing, and it’s something in which i feel confident and comfortable with doing, and it’s something I enjoy because everything I write conveys my different opinions and feelings about different topics or subjects that I write about. My avatar’s cloud background is to represent that I have big dreams and ambitions for myself, but also how sometimes I like to daydream and in vision things for what they may be someday or just have some time for myself to reflect on where I am in my life. Clouds represent my calmness, but also my dreams and how I like to think and reflect in my life.

b) I enjoyed using the software mangatar and again it was a new software to me. Overall I was very pleased with using this software to create an avatar and there were several strengths that I was able to identify. Mangatar software was very easy to use and operate and I had no difficulties throughout the designing process with creating my avatars and I was able to find all of the items whenever I need them and I could easily make changes to my avatar as I was creating it. Another strength was that I found with using this software was that there was no need to login or pay for using any items, so everything this software offered was free and available for me to use whilst I was creating my avatar. Also the software offered many items to design my avatar and a vast variety of colours to help personalise the items to my preference  and I was able to make many changes to my avatar in regard to clothing, facial features and colours as the variety provided was of a large range. Another strength was that the software was very useful because not only did it offer such a variety to make changes to my avatar, but I could also make specific changes to my avatar. The items I put on my avatar (vastly supplied by the software) provided me with several different options/functions that allowed me to make specific changes to features and items of my avatars other than just altering the colour of items. I was able to make more specific and personal changes including the positioning and size of items. (including facial features; eyes, mouth, nose etc) However I did find some weakness arise while I was designing my avatar, including the glitchiness at times of the software. Whilst I was designing my avatar, the software would glitch and freeze unexpectedly which made my work vulnerable to deleting itself showing the software's reliability at times. Another weakness (that somewhat continues from the previous one mentioned) is the lack of saving provided by the software. The only saving option provided by the software was only available at the end of completing my avatar so if the software was to crash all of my work would’ve been lost.

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