Saturday, July 23, 2016

My Avatar Identity

My Avatar Identities
1) VOKI:

a) This avatar expresses several different aspects of my identity, and represents some of my passions and aspirations. The beret she wears reflects my passion for fashion and how I enjoy being create with my appearance and experimenting with new looks. My backdrop of the Eiffel Tower expresses my desire and dream to travel to one day travel to Paris. I've dressed my avatar in a suit or formal attire to express my serious persona and my dedication to my school work an education. It's a representation of professionalism to express my hard work and devotion to school and also my attitude as a student. The hair I've chosen is in a neat and tidy style to represent my perfectionist quality and express my neatness and accurateness. Although I don't wear glasses in real life, I've dressed my avatar wth glasses to represent how I like to view the world closely and figure out how things work, but it's also to represent how I like to view the world from different perspectives, especially in my writing. The necklace she is wearing is a link/representation to a sentimental necklace that I possess that I received for my confirmation from my family, and it expresses my value for sentiment and family. 

b) Whilst using Voki to create my avatar, I have extracted several pros and cons from using this software.  One strength the Voki possesses is that it always users to record their own voices for their avatar. It's a great resource to use to help personalise each user avatar. Another strength is that voki offers non subscribed members free items to use when creating their avatar. It always users to use some of Voki's features without having to pay, and experience some of the functions it has to offer. Voki also allows users to share their avatars with friends and save it so that it can be used for other profiles. However in spite of the strengths Vok possesses, it's major weakness is it's great limitations for users who aren't paid subscribers. Voki does provide some simple items and functions when creating their avatars, however the changes that can be made to a person's avatar is minimal and most of it's items and functions are only available to paid members. I also had difficulties saving my avatar and often Voki would crash and I lost my avatar completely and would have to start again. Voki's weaknesses of limitations and unreliability are it's greatest cons.

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  1. Excellent work Lianna. Some clear and complete comments about the type of avatars you created and some excellent strengths and weaknesses of the software you used. You provided web links of the tools used.