Sunday, August 7, 2016

Photoshop Avatar

The tools I used in photoshop to design, change and manipulate this image to create me avatar includes:
  • The brush tool
  • The gradient tool
  • The clone stamp tool
  • The crop tool
  • The resolution
  • The lasso tool

While designing this avatar, I tried to incoprate a few different attributes of my personality by experimenting with tools provided in photoshop. I’ve designed my avatar to not display my head (I chose to crop my head) for two reasons. The first reason is as a method to protect my identity online, by not posting an image of my face so people are unable to identity who I really am offline. The second reason so that my avatar focuses more specifically on specific parts of my identity, but also as a way to express my shy demeanour at times, although I may appear quite confident and content with myself, sometimes I feel timid and shy away from new opportunities that await me, so by cropping my head, it acts as a representation of how sometimes I don’t like to be seen and sometimes hide myself away from new people and things. When designing my avatar, I chose to use the gradient tool as a way to incorporate bright colours into my avatar, to express my bright and content personality, and friendly demeanour. A strong attribute that I believe forms my identity is my friendly and behaviour towards others, and also my optimistic view on life and people, which I have chosen to represent through portraying my avatar in bright colours. I have also specifically chosen this image of myself in one of my dance costumes and wearing my dance shoes. I chose this purposely as a way to express my passion and enjoyment for dance, and emphasis my love for creativity not only through words, but through dance too. My dance attire is a way to portray my fun personality, but also how my pleasure in dancing. In another retrospect/perspective, this image of myself in my dance costume also represents my dedicated and hard-working behaviour, as well as my open-minded attitude.

As when using all softwares, although photoshop was a very different resource compared to the many other softwares I have used for designing avatars, it did present some very strong strengths and weaknesses whilst I was using it. To begin with, some strengths I encountered when using photoshop was the great freedom it offered with allowing me to make as many changes I wanted to my avatar, and also manipulating it specifically according to/in accordance with what I wanted. I could make many different changes to my image/avatar by cropping certain areas and moving them around or replacing certain parts of it. Another strength was it’s vast providence of different tools and equipment. Photoshop offered an unlimited range of different tools and items to allow me to make suitable changes to my avatar that I could both specifically change like focusing on certain areas, or generally change such as the whole image background or appearance. I also discovered that photoshop was very reliable which is a great strength that this software possessed, as it wouldn’t crash or glitch while I was using it and it operated at a quick speed without freezing or lagging.

However, there were also some evident weaknesses that were present with photoshop.  One was that I found it difficult for me to use some of the tools it provided. When I attempted to make changes to my avatar, I didn’t know how to use some tools and at times it wouldn’t make the correct changes I wanted to my avatar so I had to constantly undo my changes and try again. Overall it was a ver fidgety software. Another weakness was that the saving process. When I attempted to save my images by exporting it as a file, sometimes it would malfunction and the program would completely shut down without saving it, and since I can only save my avatar once it’s completed when the program didn’t save my avatar I had to start again. This was another weakness with photoshop because since I wasn’t able to save the different changes I kept making to my avatar as I worked through it, so when the program would shut off I had to start it from the beginning again.

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