Monday, August 29, 2016

Robot Programming - Touch Sensor

Programming a robot using 'Lego Mindstorms' with Touch Sensor
Partner: Jada

Programming: Release and then rotate

What did you find difficult? What did you do to rectify the problem?
Overall Jada and I were successful in operating the touch sensor on our robot, however we did find it difficult to determine how to turn the robot at an accurate angle acting hitting an object so that it could then turn and proceed until it came into content with another object. We had to constantly readjust the degrees at which our robot was turning at because it would constantly be either too narrow or too wide, and it was difficult to find the most accurate degrees for which our robot was to turn at so that it would turn just enough to re-aline itself in a straight position so the touch sensor could easily come into direct contact with the object ahead. I found that there were constant trial and error runs we had to do, but personally I was able to learn from each attempt and then adjust the robot according to the outcome of the attempt, so if the turn was to large I would decrease the degrees and if the turn wasn't large enough, I would increase the degrees. It was just having to determine the most accurate degrees for our robot to turn at so that it was positioned straight after it hit and object and turn so that it continued in a straight motion when it moved forward and came into contact with the next object, because when the angle/degrees was wrong, our robot would turn at a wonky angle and come into contact with the object at an angle so the touch sensor wouldn't actually come into contact with anything and therefore our robot was stuck in place. Honestly, I simply did a lot of trial and error runs so I could determine what did and didn't work with each programming/pattern, and I learnt from each trial to determine what changes to make. (such as either increasing or decreasing the degrees when the robot turned)

What did you learn and what do you want to learn?  (what other things do you want to be able to do with your robot?) What improvements could you make?
I learnt how basically use a touch sensor, and how some of the programming worked to basically operate it when creating a program for our robot. I determined that it was difficult to program the robot to turn at accurate degrees, because the degrees weren't exact, so what we presumed was 45 degrees was actually much larger than we anticipated. In future, I want to learn how program the robot when the sensor bumps into objects rather than just obstructing them, and also how to program the touch sensor and robot to respond to hitting into objects of different materials. (some that are hard, and others that are soft. Again, I would like to tinker with the degrees a bit further so that our robot turns are a more exact angle so it then follows to move in a straight forward line motion, rather than on an angle still so the touch sensor comes into direct contact with the object easily, and lowers the risk of the sensor missing the objects and instead the robot hitting the object at an angle and missing the sensor. I would also like to readjust the position of the touch sensor, because it wasn't connected very securely onto the robot, and it is likely to fall off in future use without future adjustments. 

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