Saturday, October 29, 2016

Let's Dance Evalutation

Let's Dance Challenge Evaluation
Partner: Jada Thai

Dance Video:
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After many lessons of planning, programming, testing, adjusting and problem solving, I have finally completed and produced the final product of my dancing robot. Overall it was a very exciting, interesting and challenging process where a lot of trial and error was involved, but also clever thinking and experimenting throughout the entire project. Whilst creating the dance routine, there were several processes of planning, programming, designing and testing that led to the final product that was produced. The planning process was very essential and I viewed as an important component for me, because if I created a very through and detailed planned that well explained each step it would make the programming aspect easier. So throughout the planning process, I was cautious to make sure that t I explained each step in depth and detail so that I could easily follow and understand exactly I would need to do when I was programming. It was efficient and conveinient method of planning for me. The programming and designing was a bit challenging if I'm honest, but I enjoyed it because programming is something that I've never done so it was fun using it for such a fun and engaging activity. I put much time and effort into the programming and creation of the dance ensuring that each step was accurate and successful by constantly testing each and every new step I added. It was a long process, but it was effective in allowing me to easily identify what did and didn't work so I could make the appropriate decision to rectify and issues. I enjoyed developing and putting together the programming because it was fun to see how each step came into place to create something much lager. The testing I discovered was essential to creating the dance routine because with each of my trial and errors, I could determine which steps did work, and which of those needed adjusting so the routine could be created.

I was very pleased with the final result of the robot dance routine, and majority of the dance elements/ components worked well and were successful, however of course there were some issues both during the creating process and final product. My robot was successful in completing the dance and meeting all of the requirements, which was an evident strength of the end result. Throughout the creating process of the dance, I was strong in efficiently constructing and developing the routine because of my detailed planning which thoroughly explained the components of each step which I simply had to follow so it worked very well. By me producing/creating a very detailed and accurate plan, the development of the programming was much more effiecint which was a very strong strength of the dance process. As I was creating the programming each step was easy to follow so I was able to put it together quite well, making very minimal adjustments. The detail of my planning was shown through efficiency of my programming which was evident through the accuracy of my testing, with each step working well, almost all without fail. Each component of the process helped to improve the next stage of the dance creation process which are what were the strengths of the whole dance creating process. However, as in all good projects there were also some weakness that I can identity within the creation process of our dance. One being the unsuccessful programming of each of the sensors. No matter how hard I tried, or how many different ideas I thought of and tried, none were successful in getting any of the sensors to work, and this flaw in my programming was a weakness that would've taken the dance routine to the next level. Time was also a weakness. Due to how detailed my plan was, it meant that the programming took a lot of time that I didn't have so I had to start quickening my pace and making quick decisions and construct the programming as quickly as I could because I was running out of time, which led to some errors in the programming. As a result of my quick and flushed state, I made a few errors whilst I was programming, so sometimes I would forget to test a new step I'd added and so when I did test the routine with a whole bunch of new steps added at once, something would go wrong or wouldn't work but I wouldn't know what so I'd need to start again of keep making adjustments to the programming that effected the routine. However in spite of these weakness and negatives, overall I am very proud of the product I produced. Although the sensors didn't work during the final performance, the rest of the routine worked perfectly, working well and in time with the music, without any glitches or errors in the programming and no interference, as well as with all of the other steps, images and sound effects meeting their cues and successfully working, all within the time duration.

The end product of our robot was very pleasing to me peers as well. Georgia identified several strengths of my robots dance, as she commented on how well it preformed and executed the dance by awarding me with top marks, and commenting on how well the robot preformed without requiring any assistance or aid from anyone, and also how well every step of the routine worked, even including how the robot was able to finish the dance in the middle of the table, and complete each step without any difficulties or issues. She agreed that the routine/robot was well in time with the music and so was quite rhythm, and that I was successful in incorporating and using several different techniques of motors, displays, sounds and the touch sensor during the dance routine. However the weakness she did identify with my work  of the dance routine was the lack of sensor use. Although I did use several different techniques, I was unable to use/get any of the sensors (other than touch) to work in end product, which she explained to me in her comment.

Now looking back on the entire project, I can certainly identify some clear ways as to how I could improve with this task. To begin with, throughout the process of planning and then to designing and creating the dance routine (programming), I need to be more precise and aware of what I do. So instead of simply inputting everything from the plan, if I had more time I would be more cautious as I create the programming making sure that I stop the check the success and accuracy of each step by testing the routine/program after each new step, not after every few so I can avoid any errors and make the routine more sharp, precise and accurate in the execution of the step. (time, distance, moment etc) I would also liked to have added my own sound effects by adding my own recordings to make the routine a but more interesting and fun, and as a way to personalise the robot and routine a but more, and even to include some of the lines from the song so the robot could be more in time with the music. Finally, but what I believe to be the most important, the main improvement I would make to my routine, which was the improvement also suggested by my peer Georgia in her feedback of my final end product, would be to fix and use/include all of the different sensors. If I had more time, my major improvement to my dance routine would be to spend time fixing each of the other 3 sensors (colour, ultra sonic and light) so that they would work throughout my routine. I would try different alternatives and methods such as using loops, switches and changing positions of the sensors to see what would and wouldn't be effective in allowing the sensor to successfully work, so my priority and main improvement would be towards working to fix each of the sensors to work. Overall I am ecstatic and proud of what I have produced in each stage of this entire project from the planning, to constructing, to creating, to testing and the finally producing my final product, and I have enjoyed this activity and trying something so very new to me and learning about a topic I've never learnt about before!!!

Peer Evaluation: Georgia

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  1. Amazing job Liana well done. Your reflection was thorough and I know you did try to make the robot fit all the criteria. maybe the sensor problem was because of the task. How do you think I could change the task but still create a dancing robot that would make it possible to incorporate sensor(s)?