Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Scratch - About Me

After completing my animation, I'm most proud of my ability to adapt and understand the different functions of coding to enable me to create an animation. I've never created an animation before and I've only completed very little programming in my whole life, so being able to use the software to create an animation myself shows how my hard efforts and persistence worked to produce a final product. I was having difficulties trying to determine/figure out how to make one of my spirits glide across the screen and animate one of my sprites to dance. It was difficult because I was unfamiliar with the program or coding in general. However, I experimented and did what I would describe as trial and error, trying different combinations of code to determine which were successful in allowing me to animate and move my sprites how I wanted them to move. Next time, I want to experiment with more of the functions available with stratch, and see how I can make my different sprites interact with each other more and in different ways. From looking at other's About Me projects, I learnt how to incoprate different functions such as the keypad or certain objects in your animation that cause certain things to occur in others animations. Everyone worked really well and created awesome animations, and overall I'm proud of what I was able to achieve with my animation, but next time I want to expand on it and incorporate sounds and different functions such as conversation etc to make my animation more interesting and engaging.

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